MIA is an housing unit of 60 square meters that can host up to 4 people with the same comfort, and a range of environments equal to those, of a 110 square meters traditional dwelling . The secret is creating space for the various domestic environments only when it is really needed. MIA, thanks to a sliding system ceiling, is able to compress or expand the interior. It changes the arrangement according to needs. To have flexible environments implies a substantial reduction of wastage in terms of area without giving the traditional housing types offer up

Science and technology park - former Alumix, Bolzano


The project of a new science and technology hub in the former Alumix regards the refurbishment and revitalizing of the old industrial buildings and the insertion of a new one. The main feature of the project is the compromise between preserving the industrial archaeology and designing a new innovative complex. The new insertion has its own distinct identity a minimal black paralelepiped with a dark fiber carbon skin, thus creating an haromonious ensemble. The new building is closed on itself and it opens to the light only through interiour courts, completely glazed. The project foresees also the landscaping of the whole area with green zones and the entrance square. With Alessandro Stroligo (Chapman Taylor), Mauro Dell'Orco, Andrea Cattacin.

Council Housing, Public Health and social-services district, Bolzano


This building is located in the "Casanova" district (Bolzano), between two large residential complexes. It has been designed to accommodate council apartments on the upper floors, the local health authority and a community center on the lower floors. The project aims to be immediately recognizable and perceived as a public building of this new district. The facades are an inclined strip which, rising gradually , wraps up and covers the monolithic volume of the building exposing, at the same time, the areas assigned for public and social activities which become more transparent and accessible. The project, rearward from the road, is surrounded by greenery that go into the building reaching the basement with underground gardens that give light and emphasize the connection between the building and the surrounding park.

Hannah Arendt Professional school , Bolzano

2008 - 2013

Hanna Arendt school in Bolzano is the first underground school in Italy. Designed by Cleaa as the extension of the professional existing school, it highlights the unexpected potentialities of the underground architecture, challenging the limits of the sustainability culture as we thought so far, as well as the contemporary design in historic centres. The idea of not altering the ancient architectural context of the Capuchin friars convent -protected by the national heritage association- but the need for new spaces and classrooms, gave the architect the opportunity to create a "subterranean school appendix": four levels excavated 17 meters underground in which 9 classrooms, workshops , a winter garden and a utility room are placed. A big challenge that led the architects to solve consequent problems not only asstructural, but particurarly enviroimental issues.

New primary school Colognola ai Colli (VR)


The shape of this building is inspired by the observation of the surrounding area. Hills on the east side suggest a heart shaped inner courtyard of the school. It is a protected space without having a heavy physical closure . facades and volumes of the new school building have irregular shapes. The school has two bodies: one with 2 levels hosting teaching functions and service rooms. The one level volume hosts a large and airy entrance hall which leads , on the one hand to the classrooms on the ground floor and to the vertical distribution system , on the other hand to the special and multi-functional classrooms . With Girpa spa.

Archimod, Bolzano


Archimod is located in the industrial zone of Bolzano and built on a rectangular area between two existing buildings. The 5 floors building was built in the late 90s, meant to contain offices and wharehouses. The building was left uncomplete expecially the inside of it. The renovation begun when local administration (Autonomous Province of Bolzano) purchased it. The bulding requires an all over refurbishment and a static consolidation to meet new requirments and functions. A 4th floor will be added to host architectural model representing theProvince public works.

Waterfront On Isarco River, Bolzano


The design is a simulation in the broader context of revisioning Bolzano Municipal Town Plan assuming the river as a spine of the builted city to reconnect all the parts of the city. So we thought about a linear park in which placing some urban centralities. In this way the river will be again in the city and enhanced as a urba arteria and as a free time space and greenery. The linear park along the Isarco. in the area of confluence between the river and the Inn River Talvera the major infrastructures will be placed and we though t also about a research Tower to underline this new urban centrality. On th eopposite side we thought about a special residential area for students or researchers that will be connected through a new ciclying and pedestrian bridge with the research district on the other side.

Waste to energy plant, Bolzano

2004 - 2013

The Waste to energy plant is located at the entrance of Bozen, clearly visible from the highway . This is one of the main conditions the design had to deal with. Cl&aa tried to reduce the visive impact of the building trying to design a new landscape a kind of artificial slope able to fit in the mountains skyline using shapes, colours , lines that are parts of the local environment. The complex consists of two volumes, oriented according to the two main alignments the highway on one side and the river on the other. With TBF engineering, Antonio Ianeselli.

Sigonio High School , Modena


Following the tracks of the historic city, it is possible to outline the layout system of the school complex , dividing the main paths and the secondary ones along the axes of the ancient Cardo and Decumanus . The main axis, with east-west orientation , characterized by a double passage or "inner promenade" that joins up the secondary paths and works as a key element for the distribution system . This promenade is not only a crossing and connection point but also a space used by students during their spare time; here they may rest , meet each others, ask information and go to the classrooms . Five volumes with classrooms and labs have been built over these axes , perpendicular to them . The inclination of the volumes is recalled and passed down to the closest element defining a sort of harmonic wave that recalls the movement of the boats moored in the harbor. The staggering of buildings levels, facilitates the lighting of the lower floors , while the sequence of volumes and green courtyards allows the park to penetrate inside buildings , defining not a school with its garden, but a "school in the park".

Refurbishment of The Former Chamber Of Commerce, Bolzano

2008 - 2013

The building was realized in the late 70s and its the typical offices building of that period. At the ground floor offices and services directly open to the public and the multi-storey office tower ischaracterized by downward sloping windows and red copper coating . More overe there's a four underground floors parking . The refurbishment provided a general reorganization of interior spaces, to best meet new functional requirements and liveability by employees and users. The introduction of glass walls , colored flooring and sound-absorbing ceilings made the workplace more spacious and brighter. The external façade of the ground floor has been restored to increase the glass surfaces of the canteen facing the park, while the remaining facades of the copper tower will be kept unchanged with the sole replacement of glass windows to improve the climate and acoustic comfort .

Shopping Mall Centrum , Bolzano

2003 - 2006

The complex of the commercial and logistic center is placed on two lots of the former IVECO area in the industrial zone of south Bozen. It 's very close to highway, airport and the fair district ia fast changing area. The big buildings look very compact. Only the last floor occupied by offices is different because its main feature is the black finishing of the golden plate solare shading. Externally the building has these glasshouses and vertical slits working as ventilation chimneys The internal layout is organized around an "oval court ", as a main distribution space in which walkways, stairs and treadmills lead to functional flexible and diversified spaces . The whole project revolves around this large central courtyard with glass block walls and glass roof, a place for meeting and socializing, able to respond in an unusual way at the request of "personal privacy," before entering the shopping zones.

New Suzzara High School

2004 - 2007

The main task was to create a "place " and not just an enlargement size of a large school complex . For schools it's very important to create the right formal environmental for human relations, ables to set in motion driving and engaging educational and cultural activities. It's necessary for the building to assume a strong symbolic and self-representation , hence the theme of " red maze " understood as a path of education and research, and capable of projecting externally, both with the ideal continuation of the dividing walls , both with training and educational products . The building presents itself as a stand-alone , integrated into the existing system of school campus , but with a configuration morphological and chromatic strictly personal , becoming at the same time the entrance to the entire sector . Externally the visibility of color and linearity of dividing walls that open lines of connection with the surroundings prevails , but in the inside the system of spaces and visual cones highlight the richness and complexity of space , capable of trigger a good life and positive interpersonal relationships

Don Bosco Primary School Extension

2002 - 2007

The Don Bosco Montecassino school comple consists of two school buildings, a sports complex and a large park with recreational facilities. Within this segment we find nursery, kindergarten, primary school and a large building complex that can accommodate a gym, a new indoor swimming pool and its ancillary rooms . Along Via Monte Cassino we developed a new double volume that can accommodate the new gym , indoor swimming pool , as well as the various support laboratories in primary school. For the realization of this new floor, where are the new teaching spaces , we partially buried the sports facilities (about 3 meters below the ground level ), while maintaining a good outward visibility and excellent natural lighting . The gym as well as the pool is also used by the city and district , for various sporting events , recreational and rehabilitation , and this has been possible through the introduction of a movable bottom , over the entire surface of the pool. With Andrea Fregoni

Olympic Ice Rink , TORRE PELLICE (to)

2002 - 2005

The ice rink Torre Pellice was built for the Olympic Winter Games of Turin 2006 and has a capacity of 2370 spectators and a covered area of 5286 sq m. The facility offers different services, such as a fitness centre and a scenic restaurant offering views of the rink. It hosts ice hockey regular season and it is also open to public as patinoire throughout the year . The location is surrounded by beautiful montains so also for this reason the new volume is located partially undreground so as to reduce its visual impact. This new building articulated in three volumes interlinked with one another remembering of a rock formation. The three blocks are aligned along three different axes and it is situated in the middle of the area so as to originating two squares : the urban plaza in front of the building and the green one behind the building designed as outdoor training space. The materials used are local materials such Luserna stone for the access façade and the wood for the roof structures but at the main time the rear façade is realized in armed concrete with stone effect, obtained through the adoption of special rubber matrices. The building is situated in the middle of the designated area so as to originating two squares : the urban plaza in front of the building and the green one behind the building designed as outdoor training space. Natural light -one of the main element of the project- enters from above through the translucent cover and also thanks to the overhead stands about 2.5 meters

Olympic Ice Rink , Torino

2002 - 2005

The ice palace stands as a flexible building. We tried to set the building as a " Theatre of Ice " , which can integrate the functional performance of a modern ice rink, with architectural elements related to the collective memory of the city of Turin. Referring in shape and material to simbolic places of the city such as the Teatro Regio and the Palazzo Carignano , the large curved wall , clearly visible from the outside through the glass façade , offers an architectural image in contrast to the facing industrial architectures characterized by banal boxes in exposed concrete . With De Ferrari Architects, Studio Lee. Inside, the brick wall , physically and visually separates the space of the gallery foyer from the great reservoir of the tiers and the ice rink .

Rosenbach Day Care Center

2001 - 2009

The building is located in the Oltrisarco district in Bolzano . Parallel to the Via Claudia Augusta but set back to define a new square along with other public buildings . The new building is intended to only two functions: kindergarten at ground and first floor and boarding school for students in the two upper floors. The ground floor is structured so as to be permeable and ensure the connection between the square, the public park and the residential area behind it. The design whose configuration comes from the desire to create an element solid and transparent at the same time, is based on two lateral elements, as the supporting pillars, and if on the front towards the square they almost disappear swallowed by the architecture side, towards the park they are more evident wuth its yellow and red colors , simulating a suspension from the soil through the play of shadows and recesses. The red element continues becoming the " beam " that acts as a horizontal parapet to the rear terrace.

TORRICELLI' Manifacturing center Bolzano

2000 - 2005

This complex host various functions: small manifacturing centers, shops, offices and apartements so in this way we avoided the monofunctional complex . This is a multi-storey complex accessible through various driveways. This appears as a big compact translucent volume able to show the work of the companies inside. The most part of external surfaces is realized with glass tiles (30x30cm) assembled on a aluminium grid pattern.

New railstation Bolzano Trade Fair

1997 - 1999

With the new trade fair in south Bolzano the local administration decide to connect it to the city center using the already existing rail line Bolzano -Merano . So they just needed a new stop directly connected to the new trade fair through a pedestrian ramp. A new volume (containing the waitig room, the main staircase and a multi-functional room) with a glass fiber reinforced concrete façade was realized , so as to be the backdrop of the new entrance square to the trade fair.

Galvani Center, Bolzano

1995 - 2001

The entire complex was conceived as a part of the city with streets and pedestrian paths, little squares and terraces to be an all day long open and liveable complex . The two main bodies one with offices and the others ones with workshops and laboratories are connected through a "fence -wall".

STEVANIN HOUSE , S. Genesio, Bolzano


The design of this house is characterized by symmetry and clarity. The external box is realized in exposed reinforced concrete with aluminium doors and window . The metal roofing is cladded with colked aluminiun panels. In the inside there are two apartments . The first two floor constitute the main apartment and the living room is on 2 levels . A huge opening on the upper floor lets the natural light coming in and separates the upper level in 3 different areas organized around this central void . The 4th side of this "internal court" is the balcony on the 1st floor accessibile from both sides. The second apartment on the second floor has an autonomous external entrace through a stair and it's organized inside a rectangular shape with balconies on the east and the west sides.

New Bolzano Trade Fair


A new containg volume very silent and clear on the outside but with a great complexity on the inside. The design of the new trade fair is part of a broader scale urban intervention . The all south area of the city was involved in a huge renovation that was completed with the realization of the new railstation, underground car-parking, the cycling lane and the hotel.

Ice Rink Bolzano


The ice rink works also as a trade fair pavilion so it's not just a sport structure. It has a capacity of 7200 spectators. The main feature of the building is the roofing. The lamellar beams cover 60 meters and are 7 meters high.